Self-care for Men

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Self-care for Men

Fall is a favorite time of the year for many. Leaves, humidity, and temperature are falling as the days get darker. Our skin and hair also go through their changes. Social media platforms provide content geared towards women on how to combat the changes in their hair and skin experience during the chilly seasons. Skin and hair care is not gender-based. With an increase in resources available, men have begun placing importance on their self-care as well. Six Shooter Grooming Co. offers a variety of scents and products for men to assist in keeping up with self-care regimens.  

Why should you use Six Shooter Grooming Co. products?  

Our small business strives to make a change in the way men view grooming. For those that still shop in person, when is the last time you took the time to read the label on your shampoo or conditioner? I was guilty of picking up a product with words that appealed to the needs I had at the moment. Many people buy products without knowing what half of the ingredients in them are. Keeping your skin and hair healthy is our top priority. Six Shooter Grooming Co. prides itself on our all-natural products.  

What scent should I choose? 

Men have a preference in what scents they use on themselves, which is why we have a few choices. Six Shooter Grooming Co. offers The Lumberjack, The Cowboy, The Mountaineer, and The Barber. Each scent is unique in its own right.  

The Lumberjack. With hints of pine and wood smoke, this is perfect for men that enjoy a clean, outdoor scent.   

The Mountaineer. With hints of juniper and mountain air, this is perfect for men that enjoy a clean, fresh scent. 

The Cowboy. With hints of bourbon and tobacco, this is one of our more popular products known for its rustic scent.   

Our final product is The Barber. With hints of rosemary and tea tree, this is perfect for those that enjoy a minty scent and want that tingly sensation when showering. The Barber is a unique product only available as a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner as well as a shampoo bar.   

Do you use your products? 

Of course, daily. For beard care, I use The Lumberjack beard balm and beard oil. And for hair care, I use The Barber Shampoo & Conditioner. I enjoy The Lumberjack's scent and how universal it can be for any occasion. The Barber softens my hair as well as hydrates my scalp to combat dandruff.  

Finding a product that best suits your skin and hair is the first step in self-care. Maintaining a routine will help your skin and hair stay healthy and leave you feeling confident.